It's Time to Take a Break

At the All-Leader Meeting we announced 3 scheduled breaks over the next year for leaders to be refreshed in the context of community with other leaders. We’ll be filling you in on the details of those breaks through Lifelines in the coming weeks but first we want to answer two questions that many of you may be asking: Is it ok to take a break? Why do I need one?

Q: Is it ok to take a break?
A: Yes! If Jesus Christ upholds the universe by the word of His power (Heb. 1:3), I think that includes your small group J . This break is a chance for you to trust that God is in control and that your group will be fine if you are not there for 3 weeks. In fact, I would pray that God would be merciful to allow these breaks to be one of the most meaningful and fruitful times your group will have this year.

Q: Why do I need a break?
A: Because you are human! We all need to have breaks where we can be refreshed and encouraged by other leaders. Breaks in seminary helped me get through the rigorous schedule during the semester. If I knew that spring break was coming soon it helped me know how to budget my energy. Without a break in sight, leaders are more likely to feel overwhelmed and experience some level of burn out.

These breaks will be an exercise in faith and humility and will benefit both you personally as well as your small group.

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