It’s Time to Take a Break (Part 4)

I recently had the opportunity to sit in my son’s kindergarten class and was fascinated how the teacher created such a structured classroom environment. When the children get too loud and talkative the teacher simply gives a verbal cue that prompts an immediate hush. When it’s time for the students to transition to a different learning/project station the teacher simply gives a cue and the students happily comply. Without the careful direction of the kindergarten teacher the class has the potential to quickly give way to “kindergarten chaos”. Ok, well what’s this got to do with leading a small group?

This is not what a small group meeting should look like! Of course, we want your small group to be a structured environment that has rhythm and purpose. We want a group environment to be conducive for learning, for prayer, and for fellowship. But, our goal, as small group leaders, is to get the group to the point to where it’s self-sustaining. What I mean is your small group should not stay at a place where the health and fruitfulness of the group is determined solely upon the skills and personality of the small group leader. In the last lifelines, we introduced this idea and we said that we’d follow up this week on some ideas as to how to move your group towards being self-sustaining. Here are some ideas:

  1. Don’t be overly didactic in your teaching style. Great small group leaders are those who are great facilitators. Remember, Leadership is all about dialogue not monologue.
  2. Be intentional about raising up leadership within your group and then utilize those leaders (Apprentice, hospitality, prayer request taker, etc). Remember, good leaders are good delegators.
  3. Occasionally, have someone else facilitate the discussion on the week’s material. Consider asking someone else in the group to come prepared with 3-4 discussion questions or having everyone contribute 2-3 and draw them from a hat.
  4. Take a 3-week break from leading your group and join us for our leader’s community on 3/27, 4/3, and 4/10 at 3:30 PM. It will be a great opportunity for you to be equipped in your leadership and fellowship with other leaders and a great opportunity for your group to learn how to be self sustaining.

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