Boundaries (Overview)

Over the next two months we will be discussing boundaries with small group ministry. Have you ever felt drained by the demands of the relationships in your small group? If so, you probably need to review proper boundaries in ministry.

What do we mean by boundaries? A boundary is a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual marker that distinguishes one person from another. In a setting where broken people engage in authentic and honest community, a small group leader’s understanding of boundaries is essential. Without proper boundaries a small group leader may lose him or herself in the context of relationships, may begin to feel overly responsible for others, and may become resentful for the time and energy that these relationships consume.

Even Jesus had boundaries and knew when he needed to get away and “recharge” with God. Matthew 14 describes how Jesus, after feeding the crowd of thousands, withdrew to the mountain with God. He could have preached more sermons; he could have healed more people; rather, Jesus pulled away from the crowd.

Jesus had boundaries, and we need them, too. It might not be leaving a crowd on a mountainside, but to be effective leaders, we must implement boundaries. Next time we will answer why leaders fear having boundaries and how it negatively impacts their ministry.

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  1. Neva G.

    This is so relevant… I’m looking forward to more discussion on boundaries! Thanks.

  2. Kim

    This is the second resource God has placed in my path recently about boundaries. I am definitely looking forward to learning more…

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