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Community by Andy Stanley

A review by Trisha Hicks

If your small group is new or needs a refresher on the importance of being in biblical community, Community by Andy Stanley is a great option for you. This study will inspire group members to desire authentic community. It is a series of 3, 20 minute sermons from Andy Stanley followed by questions for your small group. Andy covers essential topics for being in genuine community. He addresses the importance of being intentional and committed to being in relationship with other believers. He also addresses how easily sin can deceive us and the need for doing life with others so they can point out self-deception in our lives.
As the leader, it would be helpful to view the sermon and questions before your small group meets. This way, you can have answers ready for the questions in case you need to get the ball rolling during the discussion. Side note: There is a reference to MySpace in the second session, so it is a little outdated, but the principles are still relevant.
The Small Groups Team at Tysons has copies of this DVD available for rent. Please contact Trisha at, if you are interested.



Community: Building Relationships Within God’s Family by Bill Hybels

A review by Colleen Hunter

This is a great study to help your group understand what Biblical Community is and engage each person personally and corporately. This is a highly practical and biblically grounded study broken into six sessions. The sessions themselves are well organized. As a leader, you can choose to linger in some places and move quicker through other parts. Some parts of the session are designed for personal reflection to prepare for discussion while other parts provide a great entry point for discussion no matter what past experiences have been. I have used this study more than once in the early stages of a small group to establish our expectations, fears and realities and found it extremely helpful! The thoughtful questions make for stimulating discussion and honest dialogue. I would also recommend this to a group that may not be in the early life stage but needs to go back to the practices of Biblical community. The cover may seem cheesy or outdated but do not judge this book by its cover!

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