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When Sinners Say I do
by Dave Harvey

A Review by Trisha Hicks

When Sinners Say I do is a great study for married couples of all ages. It is Christ centered and focuses on the power of the gospel in marriage. Dave Harvey uses biblical principles to remind us to examine ourselves first, looking at the sin in our own hearts, before pointing the finger at our spouse. He focuses on this for the first half of the book and while it may seem excessive to some, Harvey recognizes that in order to have enjoyable, God-glorifying marriages we can’t ignore the reality of human sin. Harvey writes, “when sin becomes bitter, marriage becomes sweet.”

This book is not a how-to or step-by-step book but it does offer biblical guidance on the power of the gospel to build and sustain marriages that are healthy and bring glory to God. Dave speaks truthfully and often with humor. He reminds the reader that you are a sinner, married to a sinner and that the gospel is what gives life-transforming power in marriage. CJ Mahaney says this book, “provides clarity in conflict, hope in despair, and points the way to a joy-filled, God glorifying marriage.”

This book comes with a helpful study guide that has questions for you, you and your spouse and the small group. When my husband and I did this study with our group we did not always like all of the questions, but there is also a scripture passage for each week so often we would focus on the scripture and choose one or two questions. Sue Langlie, the Tysons Director of Weekend Ministries and her husband Gordy did this book with a group and wrote an additional study guide that you can download here.


The Meaning of Marriage
by Timothy and Kathy Keller

A Review by Josh Cahan

The Meaning of Marriage is an excellent read for married couples and singles alike. Tim Keller bases the book on Ephesians chapter 5 and combines essential biblical truth with an emphasis on current secular/cultural perspectives of marriage in the US today, which leads to many examples of how far culture has come from the principles God gives in the Bible.

Dr. Tim Keller touches on subjects from friendship to spiritual growth and from sex to singleness to provide a comprehensive summary of a biblical perspective on marriage. This book is a great study for a men’s, women’s, or couples group. There is no study guide so the leader would need to create questions for each chapter.

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