Life Rules

By Andy Stanley

When we were in kindergarten, half the fun of living was breaking the rules without getting caught. In real adult life, however, there is nothing fun about broken promises, relationships, or hearts. In this DVD and study guide from North Point Resources, Andy Stanley explains God’s set of life rules that can improve current relationships and mend broken ones. Every game requires parameters, and in this lifelong journey toward heaven, it’s never too late to learn, relearn, and follow the rules God clearly outlines for His people…because they set you on the course for success!

Winners Play by the Rules

In kindergarten, ignoring the rules was a blast—especially if you could get away with it. But as adults, we understand that rules are for our protection, and that when we break God’s rules we cause heartache and broken relationships.

Designed for small group or personal use, this companion study guide to the Life Rules DVD clearly explains God’s basic set of life rules which, when lived, hold the power to improve all your relationships. It’s never too late to learn and follow the parameters God clearly outlines for His people.

This study guide is complete with a leader’s guide and six lessons, including easy-to-do exercises and discussion questions.

Life Rules, 5.9 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
Study Guide/Workbook: Workbook and DVD
Length: 6 weeks
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2 Comments on “Life Rules”

  1. Lainie

    Hello, please let me know the date and time of this class. I’m very interested.

  2. Michele Spainhour

    Hi Lainie,

    This actually isn’t a class that’s being provided but it is a recomendation for a small group to use as a study. All the curriculum listed on this site are recommendations for groups to use.


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