Welcome to MBC Tysons small groups curriculum!

We hope you find this site helpful in finding curriculum options for your small group. As leaders, we know that finding good, Christ-centered, doctrinally sound curriculum can be a challenging task. We want to help you with that process by offering options that we trust. Our goal is that this website will provide you with the opportunity to share your study material experiences with other leaders, and be able to gain insight into different studies from others as well. Our hope is that by providing this information to our leaders, you will feel more empowered to make good decisions about study materials that will encourage your groups to grow in their Christian walks.

One of the most useful aspects of this site is that small group leaders can rate and review curriculum they have used in their groups. If you see a study that you have done, please take a moment and help other leaders by leaving your comments and suggestions. Although this is not an exhaustive list, we believe it provides a great deal of useful information. If you have done a great study and don’t see it listed here, please let your staff contact know so we can add it!

MBC Tysons Only:
If you lead a MBC Tysons small group, some of the DVD studies are available for you to rent. You will notice under the study a link to email. Someone will be able to let you know if the study is available for immediate use or when it will be available in the future. The cost to rent a DVD study is $30.

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