Evangelism/Outreach Studies

Gospel in Life

By Tim Keller

This is a biblically based, in depth study on how the Gospel is to be lived out in all areas of your life.  Each session contains an inductive Bible study on the theme, discussion questions based on the DVD, and home studies consisting of exercises, projects, readings, questions, and quotations to help you dig deeper into the topic at hand. A very helpful extensive section of notes is included for those who lead the small group through this study.

Format: Workbook and DVD
Length: 8 weeks

Discipleship Essentials

By Greg Ogden

This book is a great tool for helping your small group understand discipleship in their own lives and how they can disciple others.  There are 24 sections under 3 parts: Growing up in Christ, Understanding the Message of Christ, and Becoming Like Christ.

Length: 24 chapters

Engaging Post-Christian Culture

By Norton Herbst

In Engaging Post-Christian Culture: Our Mission in a New Context, groups will explore the postmodern, post-Christian and post-American world, where the church no longer exists at the center of society.

There was a time when most people grew up attending church, Christians held influence in the public square and America was still thought of as a “Christian nation.” This is not so anymore. We live in a post-Christian context. And while Christians could bemoan this reality, it’s not all bad news. The end of the Christian America dream is the beginning of a new opportunity.

In this Q Society Room experience, groups will be challenged to explore the dynamics of a post-Christian society and re-imagine the opportunities that exist for our mission in a new context.

Format: DVD and participant's guide
Length: 5 weeks

The Ragamuffin Gospel

By Brennan Manning
Format: No study guide included

Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing your Christian Convictions

By Gregory Koukl

7 Principles of an Evangelistic Lifestyle

By Douglas Cecil
Format: Workbook
Length: 15 chapter book

Workplace Grace: Becoming a Spiritual Influence at Work

By Bill Peel
Format: Workbook and DVD
Length: 6 sessions

Get Uncomfortable

By Todd Phillips
Format: Workbook and DVD
Length: 6 weeks
This study is available to rent for MBC Tysons Groups. Please contact tysonssmallgroups@mcleanbible.org.