Men's Studies

Take it to the Limit

By Andy Stanley

A message series for those whose schedules are too full and whose checking accounts are too empty!

Format: Workbook and DVD series
Length: 6 weeks
This study is available to rent for MBC Tysons Groups. Please contact

Life Rules

By Andy Stanley

When we were in kindergarten, half the fun of living was breaking the rules without getting caught. In real adult life, however, there is nothing fun about broken promises, relationships, or hearts. In this DVD and study guide from North Point Resources, Andy Stanley explains God’s set of life rules that can improve current relationships and mend broken ones. Every game requires parameters, and in this lifelong journey toward heaven, it’s never too late to learn, relearn, and follow the rules God clearly outlines for His people…because they set you on the course for success!

Winners Play by the Rules

In kindergarten, ignoring the rules was a blast—especially if you could get away with it. But as adults, we understand that rules are for our protection, and that when we break God’s rules we cause heartache and broken relationships.

Designed for small group or personal use, this companion study guide to the Life Rules DVD clearly explains God’s basic set of life rules which, when lived, hold the power to improve all your relationships. It’s never too late to learn and follow the parameters God clearly outlines for His people.

This study guide is complete with a leader’s guide and six lessons, including easy-to-do exercises and discussion questions.

Format: Workbook and DVD
Length: 6 weeks
This study is available to rent for MBC Tysons Groups. Please contact


By Michael Catt, Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick

The Courageous Living Bible Study is a dynamic 4-week study that helps lead men toward living more courageously in four key areas: responsibility, priorities, legacy, and faith. 

Each week’s study has four components: READ – includes a story of a modern day hero; WATCH – review a clip from the film; STUDY – dig into passages of Joshua; & LIVE – put what you are studying into practice.

Length: 4 sessions

The Man God Uses

By Henry Blackaby and Tom Blackaby
The Man God Uses is a daily study guide, encouraging Christian men to examine personal encounters with the Father and to follow His will in all areas of life—at home, work, church, and in the community. Scriptural analysis, prayer helps, and a small group discussion guide are included, designed to enhance the sense of God’s daily presence with strong and clear counsel for all who long to fulfill their appointed destiny in Him. Through seven weeks of incisive study, Blackaby explains God’s process of refining and shows how His powerful touch can transform ordinary men into extraordinary forces for good in the world.
Format: Book with a group discussion guide in the back
Length: 7 weeks

For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women

By Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn
The bestselling author of For Women Only has joined with her husband to help men understand women better. Women can be very complicated at times, but by applying simple truths to your relationship, you might find they’re actually quite simple to figure out. Don’t keep guessing what makes your wife or girlfriend happy—read this insightful map and find the highway to her heart with a much less bumpy ride. A Focus on the Family Recommendation.
Length: 8 weeks

Redeeming Singleness

By Barry Danylak
This book offers a constructive theological exploration showing how the Old Testament creation and the New Testament kingdom mandates must both be understood in light of the sufficiency of Christ’s redeeming act. The calling of singleness is a biblically sound and this book will provide encouragement and affirmation to those struggling in the single life.
Format: Book
Length: 6 weeks

Quiet Strength

By Dungy, Tony
Format: Bible Study Format

Every Man’s Battle

By Arterburn, Stephen

This book is a surface treatment of the issue of sexual lust and pornography. It’s used best as an overview of the issue, supplmented with Scripture or other more theologicaly-based sources.

Format: Study Guide
Length: 8 weeks